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What I Learned Working with a Shopify Plus Developer

My organization runs a Shopify Plus store. Getting support from Shopify is relatively easy, especially with the Plus platform, and making adjustments to the website is pretty easy.

I have to admit, all in all, the fact that Shopify is compatible with so many apps, and that it’s simple to add another admin account, those sorts of things really make a difference for me.

I would never be able to put up with a website built on something like Magento that requires in-depth coding expertise to do something as straightforward as making an adjustment to a menu.

But recently, we’ve been working with a team of dedicated Shopify Plus developers and I have to say, even though the services are expensive, they’re worth every penny.

Here’s what I learned.

It’s Time Back on My Schedule

Running an eCommerce business is hard work, regardless of what industry you serve and what platform you’re built on.

Every week, there are, say, 45 items I need to complete, and only really enough time for me to get to 40. On top of that, those items change with the seasons and with the arrival of changing and exigent matters.

Look, I know how to make adjustments to meta descriptions and page headers. I can click a few buttons to integrate a basic Shopify Plus plugin.

Beyond that, it’s too much for me. Shopify Plus’s editor is helpful, but I’m not a website developer. It’s as simple as that.

Our team of Shopify Plus developers simply took a lot off of my plate. Now, when something doesn’t integrate as expected, instead of me spending an hour Googling the solution (or worse, a whole day, but don’t tell anyone that) I can call them up and they get it done in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

You get what I mean.

It’s Peace of Mind

The longer I spend trying to figure out how to troubleshoot a web problem, the more my stress levels rise. That’s all time I could have spent answering a client email that’s been sitting in my inbox or reordering stock that’s running low – and that stuff matters.

The truth is, since we started working with our Shopify Plus developers (mitigating some of the weekly web maintenance lift I had to perform) my stress levels have come down a lot.

In a word, now I can focus on matters that need more of my attention.

It’s Actually Money Back in My Pocket

One more thing that I feel the need to point out. You would think that hiring Shopify Plus developers would be a line item, and in a sense, you’re right.

Technically, it costs me money to hire them, it doesn’t make money.

But the truth is also that, all those wasted hours I spend reading about Shopify Plus features and trying to look up code fixes on the internet cost money too.

It’s just harder to ascribe a dollar value to my wasted time. But here’s a concept that’s easy to understand, and on which I believe, confidently, we can all agree: time is money.

And, since I’ve started working with our Shopify Plus developers, I’ve wasted far, far less of it.

Is Hiring a Shopify Plus Developer a Good Idea?

Only you can really perform an analysis that will let you know whether or not it’s a good idea for you to hire a team of Shopify Plus developers as I did.

But, I think, taking into account the fact that I have greater peace of mind and more time in my schedule at the end of the day, there’s a strong case to be had for the decision in favor.

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