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7 Tips to Make Sure your Hookah taste fresh

No matter what you call it—Hookah, Shisha, narghile, hubble-bubble, Goza—it has been around for over 400 years. Hookah, also known as Shisha, is a water pipe system used to consume flavored hookah tobacco. It is a widely popular practice across South Asia and the Middle East. Molasses, fruit pulp, or honey are commonly used as sweeteners, and flavors such as rose, mint, apple, coffee, etc., are often added to tobacco. 

Previously considered to be a relatively unconventional part of celebrations, it has, in recent times, emerged to be a standard custom that is religiously followed in all kinds of gatherings, no matter what culture or background they come from. And as hookah smokers, we’ve been looking forward to adding something more exciting and enjoyable to the experience. At other times, however, you may say, “Nah, this hookah is not acceptable at all.” This can put a damper on exercise and make everyone irritable. Because, in theory, each puff should give the heart and mind a feeling of being rejuvenated and calmed. It shouldn’t go up your nose and burn your esophagus.

But calm down because it’s not rocket science to make hookah the right way in every manner. If you follow these simple rules when making your next hookah, you will have a refreshing and fun session that is less likely to burn your throat.

1. Put to use cool water and ice

Using cold water instead of warm water is one of the most fundamental changes you can make that will have an immediate impact. The water temperature in the pot will slowly rise if the session continues for a long time. Since this is the case, you should refrain from using warm water to be resourceful, as this will only worsen things. Crushing some ice and dropping it into your hookah pipe will instantly cool the water and give it a crisper, more refreshing flavor. It’ll do wonders for the taste of your hookah hits. A good water purifier can help you make ice from clean, clear water that can make a significant difference.

However, one thing to remember is that ice may dull the tobacco’s flavor. So don’t go overboard.

2. Tobacco should be used while still moist and fresh.

Other than adding ice cubes or cold water, of course. The second most important thing to keep an eye on is whether or not your tobacco has been kept in a good, dark place out of direct sunlight. To maintain the flavor and freshness of the tobacco, it is best to store it in an airtight bag or receptacle. Keep that in mind if you encounter an unopened box of tobacco from the past couple of months. In that situation, it’s best to buy a new one and forget about any wild experiment.

Note: if there is any uncertainty, replacing the old one with a new one is a fast fix.

3. Don’t neglect to blow some air out

Simply blowing out some air every once in a while can do wonders for your hookah’s aroma. In this context, “blowing out,” a hookah inhales deeply through the pipe before exhaling forcefully through the mouthpiece. In the same way that new air is sucked into the pot when the valve is opened. In a nutshell, the exhaling will help swap out the old smoke for a better fresh batch. However, extreme caution is required to execute this successfully. If you get too enamored with your hookah and blow too forcefully, water would spill into the bowl, ruining not only your session but also your mood and, God forbid, your hookah.

4. Make sure you’re using the correct quantity of tobacco

The moment progress halts, you must test the boundaries. Contrary to tobacco, the “less is more” concept should be applied when preparing your Shisha to keep you from overdoing it. 

To prevent smoking from falling into your water pipe or container, use a Vortex or Phunnel bowl to ensure your hookah tastes great and lasts longer. If you need fresh quality tobacco visit any Shisha lounges Dubai, they are even famous for Shisha outsourcing.

5. Always go for fresh-tasting

Not known to many, smoking hookah with raw coal instead of the more common instant coal can provide a far better experience. Instant and natural embers are the two most common kinds of hookah coals. A further intriguing suggestion is to use natural coal rather than quick or magic coals. 

However, all things being equal, go with clean coal. If you are interested in trying some new, organic hookah blends, this is the best bet, which is not likely to cause severe migraines. In contrast, quick cold is the way to go if portability and efficiency are of paramount importance to you and your hookah.

6. Freeze the hose or its end with an ice hose 

If you’re not pleased with the above advice and want to put in even more effort, you could use a freezable or icy tip to combat the heat. It functions similarly to any other garden sprinkler. That can go through the washing machine and serves a similar purpose to a standard garden hose. 

However, you can upgrade to the best possible hookah session by attaching a freezable extension to this one. This ice pipe can be used for at least an hour before losing its cooling effects. These pipes are typically adaptable so that you can use them with any hookah. Both ice hose ends and freezable hoses are widely available.

 7. Maintain your Hookah Properly

The last and most critical point is always to maintain your hookah well. After each use, preferably in between, you should thoroughly sanitize your hookah. This involves cleaning the container, the bowl, and the stem. It’s easy to ruin the flavor of your hookah with a buildup of stale tobacco and smoke from each session. Take our word for it: the time you invest in cleaning it between uses will surely pay off. So instead, maintain a regular cleaning routine in which the hose is thoroughly rinsed with tepid water from above and left to dry conveniently.


Shisha meetings can be revitalizing if you put some thought into the details and strike a good balance between all the parts of your hookah. By bowling with fresh air, while keeping the tobacco moist and fresh, breaking the ice and using natural coal for heat, you can enjoy a fully organic experience. You can do a lot to improve your hookah session, but don’t leave the mess lying around when you’re done. Shisha outsourcing Dubai has become a go-to idea for most smoking enthusiasts settled in the city.  

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