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Semester Abroad

During the first semester of my senior year of college I had the opportunity to travel abroad. It was one of the biggest decisions of my life and I learned a lot while I was away. I studied in the country of Cyprus, which is an island in the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey and Greece. The county is full of Greek culture, beautiful beaches and sunshine. During my travel search, I had great difficulty finding cheap flights and airlines. Unfortunately, searching for airfares Pilgerreisen für Kirchengemeinden und  Pfarrgemeinden was a task I had to do on my own. Air travel was the only way to reach the country and I need to find a return flight that fits my budget. Finding cheap flights to a foreign country was extremely difficult for me, especially as I had never done it before. All I needed was a helping hand behind an easy to use web platform to guide me through the entire process. I was hoping for a service that could find me the best available flight and transportation. My hope is to create a travel service that will arrange the cheapest air fare and provide all the necessary information about a customer’s travel plans.

I’m sure that when visiting other countries or even states, many have questions about culture, attractions, food, location or transportation like I did when I was in Cyprus. An online travel agency could efficiently get answers to questions without even having to meet with an agent. For those who have extra vacation days, this travel service can start their search with notifications of upcoming deals and set a personalized trip. I think my travel service can benefit many people who want to see the world.

After writing a number of blog posts about studying abroad, I took a second look at my earlier post on studying abroad. Posting about travel made me remember some of the beautiful places I’ve been to other than Cyprus. Although I studied in Cyprus, I have also traveled to Greece, Poland, England, Romania, Belgium and Austria. Greece, the first trip out of Cyprus, was not what I expected the country to be. My friends and I stayed in an Airbnb in Athens. It was a few minutes walk from the Parthenon. As I got off the train, I could tell that the country’s economy was struggling as I read before entering the country. The route to our accommodation was filled with interesting but welcoming groups of people. Our room was beautiful. It included amazing views of some of Athens most famous sights.

Discover magical Morocco while studying abroad

Participating in any kind of study abroad is exciting for students of all ages and also for teachers. Studying abroad is not only a positive learning experience, but also helps young people see the world from a different perspective and develop a sense of appreciation for foreign cultures and countries. Most subjects can be studied abroad in a specific context and there is no doubt that these learning experiences will be positive and productive.

A Moroccan experience

Exotic Morocco is full of mystery, beauty and magic. Close enough to the UK to make this a very viable destination for school trips, it is so different from the UK that students will feel like they have been transported to another world. The old medina stands in stark contrast to the modern city, although there are places of interest in both areas of the capital. Book with a reputable school travel company and the delights of Morocco become even more accessible. Comfortable accommodation is guaranteed in a hotel familiar with accommodating large youth groups and you will enjoy a trip tailored to your group.

The medina is home to Morocco’s largest souk, where potters meet leather workers and the narrow, winding streets are home to many other handicrafts. As you make your way through the maze of streets, Moroccan clichés come to life and fire-eaters and spice vendors give way to smiling shopkeepers who invite you in for mint tea and a chat. Bargaining is a culture here and accordingly the noise in this place is deafening. The souk itself is an interesting place for students studying abroad as it raises questions about culture, sustainable living and other issues.

History students will have a wonderful time exploring the streets of Marrakech where they can visit the oldest mosque in Morocco, the Kaoutoubia Mosque, with its influential design and stunning pattern details. A visit to the Museum of Morocco and the Dar SI Said Museum are wonderful places for art students. Horse-drawn carriages are the best way to tour the city and are a lot of fun too. The students are guided through the city and are shown all the highlights. You’ll be able to discuss the differences between the ancient city and the new, modern city, and reflect on how this city still strongly embraces its heritage while moving headlong into a modern future.

For those studying geography abroad, Morocco is the perfect destination. Dense cities contrast with rural landscapes, and the glitz and glamor of modern Marrakech seems vastly different from the agricultural subsistence way of life outside the city.

The Berber Pilgerreisen für Kirchengemeinden und  Pfarrgemeinden communities living in the Moroccan mountains have adapted to this environment and provide an interesting area of study for students. If physical geography is more of a focus of your trip then the High Atlas Mountains should definitely be on the itinerary with their incredible formation and potential for agricultural development. These mountains are covered in snow all winter and are a great place for summer excursions.

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