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Lifeguard Organization

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The Lifeguard Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote safe interactions with water in order to prevent drowning and other injuries. Since 1909, it has been the leader in Quebec in terms of training programs and consulting services in aquatic and nautical activities, first aid and rescue.

To achieve its mission, the Lifeguard Society deploys a range of programs aimed at training the population from different angles:


The Lifeguard Society is the only organization authorized to train lifeguards in Quebec. The training they follow is designed according to rigorous nationally recognized standards and covers all the knowledge, techniques and skills that must be mastered to ensure optimal monitoring of bodies of water and to intervene effectively during incidents. .

First aid

When an incident occurs, it is imperative to know how to react appropriately. The Lifeguard Society makes it a point to offer training to help lifeguards and the general public perfect their learning of first aid.

In particular, it offers Workplace First Aid training as a approved supplier. Whether it’s a heart attack, limb injury, or blocked airway, mastering the right knowledge and techniques can save lives.


To prevent drowning, it is not enough to have bodies of water monitored; it is crucial that the population be made aware of the associated dangers, and that each individual adopt safe behavior during aquatic and nautical activities.

Public education therefore plays an important role in the mission of the Lifeguard Society and it is through initiatives such as National Drowning Prevention Week (NDWS) that it disseminates its prevention messages to the various communities.


The Lifeguard Society’s Boating School offers theoretical and practical training taught by a team of 25 specialized teachers with unrivaled experience. The only institution of its kind in Quebec, it is a veritable mine of resources for boaters of all levels. It offers its various courses in the hope of reducing the risk of accidents in the context of nautical activities and allowing boaters to navigate safely.


Aquatic risk management is another expertise that the Lifeguard Society has developed over the years. It offers various personalized training courses for workers in aquatic facilities in order to optimize safety, in addition to services such as analyzes and audits that can be adapted to each facility.

Lifeguard sport

Lifeguard sport is a complete sport that allows you to develop four essential qualities that every lifeguard must have: judgement, a certain level of physical performance, as well as specific skills and knowledge.

This sport is divided into three distinct parts: technique, swimming pool and beach. The Lifeguard Society is the authority recognized by the Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport for the development of Lifeguard sports.

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Internationally, the Lifeguard Society represents Canada as an active member of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) and the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) of the Commonwealth. It is also recognized by the World Health Organization as a reference for everything related to drowning.

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