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Jewelry Trends: Know Your Birthstone Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones are some of the most mysterious gemstones found on Earth. Made up of minerals, formed deep in the earth’s crust and possessing natural healing properties, this wondrous creation of nature is a blessing in disguise for all jewelry lovers everywhere.

What really catches the eye of gemstones is their impressive color across the spectrum, as well as their timeless elegance and beauty which, if properly stored and cared for, will be passed down from generation to generation.

Needless to say, their divine and miraculous healing properties possess immense power to change a person’s life and destiny.Moreover, these gemstones are ubiquitous in the market under different labels and brands.

What remains unchanged is their captivating sophistication and sparkling elegance. Different gemstone jewelry suppliers rate gemstones differently based on their grade and quality. But an even more amazing fact about gemstones is that each gemstone is associated with a specific month. Eventually, the gemstone became a symbol of the month and was worshiped as the birthstone jewelry of the month.

Birthstone History

Birthstone jewelry has been revered by many cultures for centuries. Even modern jewelry experts have amplified the incredible power of birthstones, which tend to bring great blessings of luck and prosperity to the wearer born in a particular month. To trace the history of the lucky stone, we must turn to the Bible.

Aaron is mentioned in Exodus 28 of the Bible as the high priest of the Hebrews. One of his disciples, Moses, taught him how to make special clothes. He received the order to encrust 12 precious stones of the time on the cuirass.

The twelve gems represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

These twelve stones represent the twelve months of the calendar. They are also associated with the signs of the zodiac. Let’s check out some famous birthstone gemstones

Turquoise jewelry: The Stupendous December Gemstone

Adored as the “December Birthstone” in various cultures and scriptures, turquoise is one the finest and rarest gemstones known to mankind. Turquoise is popular in the world of jewelry because it is loved by both men and women. It is also unique in that it is the only gemstone called after the color turquoise, which varies from light blue to dark green. The color of the rock varies based on the quantities of copper and aluminum in the flowing water as it forms.

Turquoise is one of the most attractive stones, not only because of its look but also because of the spiritual properties associated with it. Several of these stones are made by Tibetan artists; they call this stone the “Stone of Heaven,” implying that it came from heaven.

Opal Jewelry: The Colorful Birthstone for October

Opal, one of history’s happiest and most colorful gemstones, has been revered as the “Birthstone of October” since it was first mentioned in 74 A.D. in ancient texts and by ordinary people. Opal is one of the most expensive and rare semi-precious gemstones, and opal jewelry has always been cherished for its wide variety of colors and appealing surface that displays the magnificent “play-of-colors.”

For those who were born in the month of October, wearing opal jewelry is thought to bring good fortune. According to folklore and ancient Greek mythology, wearing an opal bestows great strength, fortune, and bravery on the wearer who was born in October. Opals are valued in the market based on their primary colors and the clarity of their brilliant surface because they represent the embodiment of optimism, purity, and truth.

The most valuable opals ever are the finest and rarest “Black Opals,” which have an opaque surface that seems heavenly and comforting to the eyes. If you want to adorn yourself with stunning and sophisticated opal jewelry, be prepared to set aside a sizable portion of your overall savings.

Moonstone jewelry: The Mystical June Birthstone

Adored as the embodiment of the moon god, moonstone is the next birthstone gemstone jewelry in our list. The almighty and mystical moonstone is believed to be the third June Birthstone.

Moonstone is prized for its rich blue-to-white hue (the hallmark of this gemstone, which has a creamy pale blue interior). “Luna” is named after a beautiful gemstone. Moonstone jewelry taps into the peaceful, comforting energy of the moon itself.

Moonstones can be milky white because they reflect light from within, or they are often translucent with a distinct bluish tint to the surface. The most popular colors in the wholesale moonstone jewelry market are yellow, orange, green, and pink. It also comes in a variety of sheens and shades.

Stunning moonstone pendants, sparkling moonstone earrings or sparkling moonstone rings are all royal, offering serenity, timeless beauty and countless benefits to the wearer. the wearer’s body and mind.

Aquamarine jewelry: The Bluish March Birthstone

Just like the endless sea or the sky, which represents and infinite horizon of possibilities along its blue hue, the March Birthstone Aquamarine is also believed to bring multiple opportunities in the life of the wearer. Aquamarine jewelry is a symbol of a cheerful youth, unwavering hope and peace-driven and long-lasing happiness. Aquamarine basically comes in a light green to bluish colour which is can epitome of the divine sea an the sky. It belongs to the beryl family of minerals.

The ancient romans considered gifting an aquamarine ring by the groom to the bride to be a symbolic of an everlasting bond of love with a mutual understanding and passionate romance.

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