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International Schools in Kuala Lumpur and other parts of Malaysia offering Class 6 admission in 2023

International schools in Kuala Lumpur are some of the finest anywhere befitting its status as the capital of one of the most important countries in the South East Asian region. These schools are run by some of the most well known school networks in the world and cater to the educational needs of expat children from around the world who live in Malaysia, as well as the local children. These schools offer the best in terms of modern state of the art infrastructure, pedagogy and curricula providing their students the opportunity to learn and grow in the best possible manner. Let us look at the schools that offer class 6 admission in 2023.

  1. Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur

Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur is one of the best known international schools in Kuala Lumpur offering a world class education from pre kg to grade 12. The school is, therefore, a good place to obtain class 6 admission in Kuala Lumpur. It boasts a world class campus that provides the students with everything they need to grow and learn in the best possible manner. The teachers too are world class.

The school offers its students access to curricula like Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, Cambridge CPP, Cambridge CLSP and Cambridge IGCSE. GIIS Kuala Lumpur, which is run by the globally renowned GIIS group of international schools, is known for its excellent academic results. Its students also invariably get admission to some of the most well known colleges and universities in the world. No wonder the school is so popular with the expats living in Kuala Lumpur. 

  1. Garden International School Kuala Lumpur

Garden International School Kuala Lumpur is known for the high quality of education that it provides to its students.Founded way back in 1951, it is one of the oldest private schools in Malaysia. They offer a world class pre nursery to grade 12 education to their students drawn largely from the very large expat community resident in Malaysia. They offer the Cambridge curricula to their students. Garden International School Kaual Lumpur boasts some of the best academic results in the region and that is reflected in the fact that its students have gone on to obtain admission to the top 100 universities in the world.

The school has a fabulous campus equipped with cutting edge facilities and some really great teachers. Add to that an enabling international ethos and you will understand why the school is so popular amongst the expats living in Malaysia.

  1. Mont’ Kiara International School Kuala Lumpur

 Mont’Kiara International School Kuala Lumpur is one of the city’s top International Baccalaureate schools providing a global level education to school children in the 3 to 18 years age group. The school boasts a world class campus and teachers that help ensure that the students learn and grow in a manner that stands them in good stead at the university level and beyond after they complete their education at the school. 

It is not surprising that the school has a 100% acceptance rate when it comes to its students obtaining admission to some of the best schools in the world. That is also the reason why it has students from more than 50 countries around the world on its rolls. Mont’ kiara International School is the place to provide a holistic 21st century education to one’s child.

  1. Invictus International School Horizon Hill Johor

Invictus International School Kuala Horizon Hill Johor is one of the best K to 12 international schools in Malaysia on account of the fact it offers a fabulous Cambridge curriculum comprising Primary, Lower Secondary, IGCSE and A-Levels. Their quintessentially British education is the kind that helps expat children living in Malaysia get the kind of education that they aspire to.

Everything about the school from its campus and teachers are out of the top drawer. The ethos and environment are truly international allowing the students to learn, grow and develop in the best possible manner. Not only does the school boast  a great academic track record, its students routinely gain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere. This is the kind of school that prides itself on the sheer quality of the education that it provides its students in a very highly enabling environment.


The international schools of Malaysia are clearly as good as the best providing expat children from around the world access to the best curricula from around the world, ensuring that they are up to the mark when seeking admission to the best colleges and universities. All of the K to 12 schools mentioned above provide admission to class 6 in 2023.

Beautiful as Malaysia is, its schools too are some of the most amazing places for a child to receive a modern world class education that prepares them for the 21st century.

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