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How to Keep Your Loewe Bag in Perfect Condition with a Base Shaper

Whether it’s brand new or pre-loved, all we desire is to keep our Loewe bags with us for a long time in a good condition. All those YouTube hacks might worsen your purse condition. This blog is for you if you are looking for genuine ways to keep your favourites organized and healthy! 

Know What Type Of Bag You Own

The most common mistake we made is to use every bag cleaning material available in the market without knowing what fabric it’s for. So before you use any product, make sure whether it’s friendly for your bag’s fabric or not. 

To be honest, there’s no need to invest in cleaners. A damp cloth is good enough for wiping a leather bag. Cleaners actually decrease your bag’s longevity as a result they get faded more fastly. 

Don’t Hesitate to Spend on Maintenance Products

Using the pockets available in the purse is not recommended as your pen or any lipstick can provide a stain that can’t be washed. It’s hard for a woman to walk out of their home without some bag essentials so it’s best to put money into maintenance products like a Loewe bag base shaper . Here are some good options. 


It doesn’t take more time for a designer bag to sag if it’s stuffed. Medium-sized pouches can be utilized for sectioning and balancing the weight inside your bag. This way, you would have quick access to everything you’ve gathered inside your bag and the best part is no more digging into the purse! 

Bag Organisers

Bag Organisers are basically a bag inside your bag. It keeps all your belongings organised and makes your purse more spacious. Choosing the right product really matters as some bag organisers are heavy in nature and let your bag be baseless. 

Bag Base Shapers

Loewe bag base shaper, best of all other options mentioned above. It plays the role of pouches, and bag organisers, and keeps your bag in a stylish and sleek shape for upcoming years. Here are some reasons to invest in it:


If we compare it to other bag maintenance products, it is available at a friendly price. One can get even more reasonable rates if they buy from MBoutique. It’s a top-selling brand of Loewe bag base shapers delivering all around the globe! 

Light Weighted

It’s highly prohibited to stuff your designer bag like Loewe as it can ruin all its shape and grace. A light weighted bag base shaper is a perfect accessory that will keep your bag in good condition. 

All in One

Why spend more by buying multiple products when a base shaper is here to protect your favourite handbag in any way possible? Go get yours now from MBoutique for the best rate. 

Daily Care Counts

No matter how many accessories you buy for your bag’s care, it will be of no use unless you personally take care of it. A little effort of yours is very crucial for a bag worth thousands of dollars. Here are some tips you should not forget for the longevity of your Loewe bag:

Clear Out The Clutter More Often 

Clear the clutter at least once a month. If we talk about professional advice, they tell us to do it every week. It’s not a time-consuming thing. Just get out everything at once, choose only important things from them and eliminate unnecessary items. 

Wrap it in A Breathable Material 

Another mistake most people repeat without any guilt is to wrap it in tight and unbreathable plastic. Half of your bag-related problems will vanish if you only learn how to store them perfectly. 

Store Them In an Upright Position

Keep in mind, no other position than upright! Yes, it will take more space but that’s what your designer bag demands. Piling up your bags all along in a single cabinet is the worst thing you can do for your handbags. 

Cotton Pillowcase Are Saviours

The original covers that come with the bag at the time of purchase are no doubt the best covers but mostly they disappear and pre-loved owners hardly get them so a cotton pillowcase would be great for you. They are breathable and the best part is that you can find them in your home easily. 

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