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Best Tips How to Pass AWS Certification Exams in 2023

In this post, I’ll provide the steps you need to take to help you prepare and get through all of the AWS Certification exams on your first attempt. These suggestions will help you in any AWS test, whether it is the Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect or the more advanced examinations. I passed exams like the AWS Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solutions Architect Associate and AWS Security Specialty exams on the first attempt and each after around a month of studying. These suggestions are from my own experiences. Let’s dive into it!

Mental Preparation

It could be a challenging and intense learning experience while preparing for your AWS Certification exam. Therefore, you need to be mentally prepared to commit as much effort and time as possible. One method to remain focused is to be aware of why you want to become certified and keep your ultimate goal in mind. Additionally, it would be best to use the learning strategies you find most efficient for you. Writing things down in simple terms can help me remember them.

Practice hands-on

Practice using the AWS console can help you get comfortable and familiar with the AWS services you’ve learned about theoretically. It also demonstrates how they function and what function they serve. Things you cannot grasp in the classroom will become easier when using the console. This will allow you to connect the information you’ve learned in class and be helpful during the test intended to test your understanding and abilities. You can join the free tier of the AWS console. AWS console.

Examine AWS Exam Guide, the Official AWS Exam Guide

AWS offers various resources to help you pass any certification tests you plan to take. The official exam guide describes the exam and the type of questions that can be expected and the number of questions that will be given, the required passing score, and, most notably, the contents of the test, so you will know what areas will be covered, and in what degree, and the ones that will not be covered.

You must be aware of the objective of the test and which areas are more extensively covered in it. You must also be mindful of this as you are studying. AWS also offers examples of whitepapers and questions for each exam. AWS also provides official AWS documentation for all its services.

Tips to Pass Any AWS Certification Exam

Scenario-based questions

Be aware that AWS Cloud Practitioner exams will not contain clarification questions on the services. Instead, you’ll be asked questions based on an actual business need and the environment and you’ll be required to offer several services that are used in a specific way to satisfy the business requirement. Let’s have a look at the question below.

Check for Keywords

Each question will contain easily-to-find terms that pertain to the answer that needs to be provided. When you read a question, identify the keyword to help you understand the question and find the correct direction.

“A solutions architect uses Amazon S3 to design the storage architecture for a brand innovative digital media app. The media files have to be able to withstand losing an availability zone. Specific files are frequently accessed and others are accessible in a random pattern.
Which storage option is compatible with these specifications?”

Use Practice Questions

Utilizing practice questions before taking the test helps you understand what questions you will be asked and also practice how to respond to questions. They will help you become familiar and comfortable with questions to ensure you won’t feel anxious when you encounter a similar format of questions on the test.

Additionally, they’ll help you determine your level of preparation for the actual test. AWS has examples of questions for every exam, while other third-party sites offer similar ones. Try these questions repeatedly in samples, and if you encounter questions or concepts you find challenging to comprehend, come back and learn more about the images.

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