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Approvals to Start an Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone

In light of the ever-growing requirements for compliance being enforced by the government, establishing an Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone is an excellent business idea. However, setting up a business in Dubai is challenging for an investor from abroad who is moving into the area for the first time. According to the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET), auditing business is a process that requires approvals as well as permits from concerned ministries as well as government departments.

Business setup specialists in Dubai will simplify the process by helping you to get the required permissions and approvals. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the permits and licenses necessary for registering an Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone. Read on to learn more about:

Trade License for Starting an Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone

A license for trade issued by DET is required to establish a Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone. A permit for auditing accounts for audit of accounts in Dubai mainland has a professional license with the code of activity 6920001. This license is required for companies that specialize in providing accounting services. They are qualified to audit the accounts of businesses and firms and perform thorough examinations and audits of all types of records, charges, and books for accounting of an establishment, as well as the result of its business and report on its financial situation. Contact business setup experts in Dubai to navigate the DET licensing process.

Special Approval to Start an Audit Firm in Dubai, UAE

As it is a unique task, auditors must be approved by the Ministry of Economy to practice their occupation in the UAE. Audit professionals wishing to develop a business in Dubai mainland must have an accounting degree from a recognized university or a higher level of education in the same subject from a university or higher school recognized as a legitimate institution by UAE.

The auditor might be require to pass an examination to be able to continue practicing the profession. The Ministry could request a copy of the firm’s insurance policy for professional mistakes (Professional Indemnity), including the name of the auditor (after passing the test). The applicant should provide proof of valid fellowships. The Minister of Economy must supply the certificates proving experience in the field. Ministry of Economy.

Steps to Start an Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone

The DET has outlined the steps to issue an audit permit within Dubai mainland. Business setup advisors in Dubai will assist you in navigating every step. Here are the steps to start an audit firm in Dubai:

  • Select the audit of accounts as your option
  • Choose a name that best describes the business
  • Select the most appropriate legal structure
  • Get initial approval from DET
  • Lease an office and sign the lease (Ejari)
  • Get Ministry of Economy approval and Audit license
  • Make sure you submit the required documents and pay the fees
  • Visas are require to apply for
  • Set up an account with a corporate bank

Business Setup Consultants in Sharjah can Help You.

While starting an Audit Firms in Sharjah Freezone is a highly lucrative possibility, you must go through complicated steps and acquire specific permits. The business setup process in Dubai is challenging for foreign investors, but it can be easily manage with the help of an expert. Business setup experts in Dubai like Jitendra Business Consultants (JBC), will help you start your audit firm without difficulty.

JBC is one of the top companies that offer company formation services in Dubai with many years of experience. JBC assists foreign investors in navigating complicated procedures, such as document making, visa processing, bank account opening, and more. We also help firms avoid heavy penalties through compliance assistance related to ESR UBO, AML-CFT and UBO. Companies can register their business in Dubai is make more accessible by JBC’s help and guidance.

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